At Musical Theatre Southwest we are a family – not always related by blood, but by the same passion for excellence, education, and diversity in all areas of community theatre.

We are devoted to the inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and / or personal background.

We accomplish this by telling authentic, underrepresented stories which make us stronger and more empathetic to the world at large.

While this statement is not an end-all statement and will constantly evolve as we as an organization learn, this is a starting point for us to form actions that will encourage equity and make an impact in New Mexico.


  • Deliberately perform at least one or two main stage productions each season that tell authentic, and underrepresented stories because representation is essential
  • Partner with local nonprofits that help underserved communities for all of our main stage productions
  • Donate a portion of our ticket sales to these nonprofits to invest in their services for our community
  • Invite disadvantaged members of our community to see our main stage productions for free on preview nights.
  • Increase our educational outreach in a way that is affordable and accessible for all backgrounds
  • Offer apprenticeship opportunities to learn through experience the different fields of musical theatre
  • Encourage everyone at MTS to share their personal pronouns in their email signatures, on applications, and when introducing themselves to new people
  • Recognize the wide array of genders in our world, and continue to update our audition forms to better represent this beautiful tapestry of life