Musical Theatre Southwest

Premier Community Musical Theatre of New Mexico

 A strong bond with the community is what has made Musical Theatre Southwest what it is today— a community theatre built on the strong traditions of presenting Broadway-style musicals to families from across New Mexico and the nation.

Announcing Our Newest Endeavor:

Radio Theatre Classics

Musical Theatre Southwest is holding digital auditions for our new project series, Radio Theatre Classics (RTC). RTC is comprised of four scripts; click for more information


Written by Alissa Hall


Written by Alissa Hall

ALICE IN WONDERLAND a two part series

Written by Alissa Hall

These scripts have been reduced down to a minimum number of players, and as such each cast member may have multiple characters, and voices, to portray within the script. Clearly delineated, strong character voices will “read” to the listener’s ear in the traditional style of radio theatre (script readings will be in podcast form) as distinctly different people, even when played by the same actor. If needed, please be prepared to show a variety of dialects, as identified below, for your audition as well.

All casts are 4 or less players, and booths will be closed in and physically distanced during on site recording days as a safety precaution. 

Also, remote record-from-home options are being considered, in case on site recording proves impossible due to future Covid restrictions. 

An Enchanted Cabaret:  A Tribute to the Magical World of Fairy Tales

Musical Theatre Southwest is holding digital auditions for An Enchanted Cabaret. The show is a tribute to all the classic fairy tales we know and love, as told through music from the different decades (50s, 60s, 70s, and so on). The audience will come across a variety of wonderful characters such as Princes, Princesses, Villains, and more! The cast will have the opportunity to play multiple characters and will be singing music from a wide variety of genres.  Auditions are NOW OPEN!

Thank you ABQ

Thank you for supporting these projects! If you would like to donate to our future projects click below. Every little bit help and we have many projects coming your way. We can always use your help whether it is a small donation, participating in any of our upcoming virtual events, or partnering with our local business. 

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