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Join the fun as Musical Theatre Southwest teams up with local sports events!!!

Grab a friend and volunteer to run one of the concession booths during the games.

You’ll be helping an MTS fundraiser while you’re having a great time!


Sign up to volunteer for Front of House for Sweeney Todd

The Amigos are a vital part of the Musical Theatre Southwest organization.
They are the heart and soul of everything that we do.
Did you know that everyone that volunteers for the company
from the Board of Directors to the Cast members that you see on onstage are all Amigos?
You can be an MTS Amigo! We are always looking for energetic and fresh faces to join us in the magic of this community.

Interested in becoming an Amigo?
Sign up to be on our Amigos distribution list.

    MTS Front of House Coordinator/Amigos Chair: Raul Saenz | [email protected]

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